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Stud action spray.  New double strength Stud action spray the world"s greatest spray for men!

STUD Action Spray - 20 ml

20 ml-  £ 11.95

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Power+ delay spray for men.  Male genital desensitising spray decreases sensitivity for extended lovemaking, odourless and tasteless.

Power+ Delay Spray for MEN

59 ml - £ 12.95

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Stallion spray for MEN is an effective agent for reducing  the over sensitivity in the  male penis this over sensitivity often means the man orgasms too quickly spoiling the love making for both partners. Stallion can make the man perform longer and better. 

Stallion Spray

1 bottle - £ 11.95

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Male delay gel. Slows down the process and lets you last longer.   Easy to apply and use.

Not Yet Delay Gel

1 Tube - £ 11.95

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Power+ delay cream for men.  Male genital desensitising cream, decreases sensitivity for extended lovemaking odourless and tasteless

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Power+ Delay Cream for MEN

56 gms - £ 12.95

Liquid Love strawberry flavour warming massage oil.

Add spice to your love making, massage your partner with this soothing massage oil, a sexy and passionate addition to your love making.

Liquid Love Massage oil 118 ml

118 ml £ 9.95

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Maximize your sex! Formulated with powerful ingredients for increased sexual performance and arousal. Stimulating sensation to intensify pleasure.

30 ml - £ 14.95

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Ultimate Lube

60 ml - £ 12.95

Max Arousal Gel

56 gms - £ 12.95

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Prolonging Delay Spray

59 ml - £ 12.95

Prolonging Delay Cream

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VXL Delay Spray

VXL Spray, 10 ml - £ 15.50

This active formulae contains effective ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin to help boost sexual potency and male prowess.

Male genital desensitizer, decreases sensitivity for extended love making.

Male genital desensitizer, decreases sensitivity for extended love making.

All new VXL delay spray. Is a high quality spray for long lasting erotic pleasure. Pump 2/3 sprays  over the entire area and wait till dry. The 10ml spray can be used 15 to 20 times.

Best massage oil you can get up to 20% enlargement

Improved erections, greater hardness. Fast acting 100% pure natural ingredients.

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Maxidus Penis Massage Oil

Maxidus - One for £ 15.50

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Maxidus - Two for £  27.50

Infuse Arousal Gels for Couples - Excite her passion and delight his senses.  Package includes two 2 .Floz bottles (59 Ml), one for each partner.

1 Set Bottles (2) for £ 22.50

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